The Skandion Clinic is the first clinic for Proton Therapy in Scandinavia. Proton Therapy makes it possible to treat cancer more effectively and with fewer side effects than with conventional radiation therapy and the risk of damage to healthy tissues is minimised. The method can be applied for the most common types of cancer and offers advantages when treating tumours close to radiosensitive tissues. In paediatric patients the risk of developing a new, radiation-induced cancer later in life is reduced. Thus most children in need of radiotherapy will be offered treatment with this new technique.

The freq_out 1.2 ∞ (Skandion) sound installation was installed permanently and inaugurated at the Skandion Clinic, Uppsala, Sweden, on 23rd October 2014. Curator and project manager for commissioning and organising this work was Lotta Mossum and Tomas Nilsson (Akademiska Hus).

The freq_out 1.2 ∞ (Skandion) LP – A side was composed, arranged and mixed by CMvH in November 2014 at the Castle, Stockholm and at the Carlton Opera Hotel, Vienna, using the thirteen original sound files composed by the artists during the period May – October 2014. Thank you Mike Harding, JG Thirlwell and BJ Nilsen for valuable advice.

The freq_out 1.2 ∞ (Skandion) LP – B side is a location recording made on 6th November 2014 between 16:00 and 16:30 by Carl Michael von Hausswolff.

Artwork: Laser_Graph #3, Laser_Graph #6: © Achim Mohné / VG Bildkunst – Bonn, 2015. Design: Philip Marshall.

Cut by Jason at Transition on XXth February 2015. Published by Field Music [MCPS]. P+C with a circle MMXV Ash International. This product was manufactured in the European Union [RIP].

Curator and concept:
Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Frequency ranges and artists:
50-60 Hz Finnbogi Petursson
60-75 Hz Franz Pomassl and Anna Ceeh
75-85 Hz Christine Ödlund
85-100 Hz BJ Nilsen
100-150 Hz Jacob Kirkegaard
150-180 Hz Mike Harding
180-250 Hz The Sons of God
250-350 Hz JG Thirlwell
350-500 Hz PerMagnus Lindborg
500-1000 Hz Jana Winderen
1000-2000 Hz Maia Urstad
2000-5000 Hz Brandon LaBelle
5000-12000 Hz Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen